June 14, 2011

Bedroom Inspiration Board

This weekend I'll be starting my move into a bigger and better room with a lot more privacy. Of course with me being such a creative geek the first thing I thought about was decorating. This blog post will be me sharing my inspiration board.


As of late I've grown extremely fond of the pattern Damask. I think it's so sexy and classy. So I've decided that's what's going to be painted on the smallest wall in the room. Why I am choosing the smallest wall is because it's going to take a lot of work and patience to do. I will be purchasing a stencil from an Etsy shop rather than making it myself. Damask can be a very difficult stencil to make, especially if you want precision.

After the wall is painted in beautiful, elegant, and sexy Damask pattern I'll be left with two large walls covered in (horrid) wood paneling and one more to paint. When I first saw the room I was disgusted with the wood paneling and questioning myself for days as to what I'd do with it... and then it hit me; large (faked out) windows with dark purple drapery. This is going to be an extremely easy fix and really bring the room together, especially since I'm going for that sexy and romantic look.

The last wall is going to be painted a solid color so that I can hang up artwork without it being clashy and/or overwhelming. I have not yet decided which color. It'd have to match my color scheme which is going to be along the lines of this...


I want this room to be radiant, relaxing, and lively.

Lively Betta Fish
I was recently informed that some people use Betta Fish as decorative accents. It makes sense; they can live in small spaces, are beautiful as well as active. I'm going to purchase no more than five of these beauties and place them in small circle fish bowls with decorative beads.
Radiant Orchid Flowers
Orchids have always been my favorite flower. I don't know what it is about them... their simplicity, Or unique curves perhaps? I've not once owned an Orchid, not only are they a bit expensive but they deserve a magical place to live, which I haven't been able to offer until now.

Relaxing Sconces
There is not much more relaxing than candles. Instead of going the easy route and buying jar candles, I'll be installing scones throughout my bedroom.

"From small beginnings come great things."

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