December 2, 2010

honey + aspirin = love

today i'm going to share with you the DIY honey-aspirin face mask that i use 3 times a week. it's affordable and very effective. this is because aspirin contains beta hydroxy acid (BHA) BHA is an exfoliant, as well as an anti-inflammatory. i've mainly noticed how aspirin makes my skin soft and blemish/acne free. however others say it can help with dryness, wrinkles, roughness, and more! i add honey to the water/aspirin mixture because it is a natural humectant, which works as a moisturizer.

now, you want to apply this mask to a clean face, i personally do it right after a hot shower - the heat helps open up pores, so they can be easily cleansed. otherwise, just wash your face with water, and dry with paper towels. 

  1. place five uncoated aspirin tablets to a shallow plate
  2. add a tiny amount of water
  3. mush aspirin with finger
  4. add honey
  5. apply evenly on clean face
  6. leave on for ten-thirty minutes
  7. rinse off with cool water

remember, you can make your mask either thick, or thin in texture by adding less water, or more aspirin.

also, don't forget to drink lots of water and take your fish oil!
more DIY face masks coming soon.

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