March 16, 2011

Juice fast and Raw food diet.

Hi all, it's been a very intense year for me already. I've been partying lots and celebrating adulthood. But now it's time to get serious. With all of the boozing, partying, and lack of sleep it's taking a toll on my body; physically and mentally. I've been catching myself slip more and more everyday. "Oh, I can eat a burger today because I ate well yesterday." Or, "I can binge drink for four days straight if I take next weekend off," (which never ends up happening.) I've started smoking cigarettes again, partying as if I was 16 again, and eating like your average American again. Gross!

Being the strong-willed woman I know I am, this Monday I will start my 3 step process I've created for myself.

Eliminating nicotine and alcohol: Starting Monday, I will rid these two life-threatening addictions from my life.
I have before in the past quit smoking for three months, which is a lifetime for a pack-and-a-half-day smoker. It was a STRUGGLE. Not only was I suffering from withdrawals I was replacing the cravings with binge-eating. I gained five pounds within the first two weeks of quitting.
As for alcohol, I've been drinking since age twelve. Not only am I destroying my body, I've built quite the tolerance, which is making it an extremely expensive habit. I'm not sure how long I've gone before without liquor but I have a feeling it wont be terribly difficult, especially since I will not be 'partying' during this detox.

Juice fast: On the following Monday I'll begin a three-day juice fast. Possibly longer or shorter depending on how my body is reacting to such a dramatic change. The side effects of a juice fast include; nausea, lack of energy, hunger pains, headaches, dizziness, etc. Everybody reacts differently to this fast. If the side effects become unbearable/not safe, I'll obviously quit.
A juice fast is drinking strictly veggies/fruits blended with purified water throughout the day for 1-3 days, sometimes even longer (again, depending on how your body reacts.) During this fast it's very important to remain hydrated, meaning drinking lots of purified water with your juice.

Raw food diet: When I went raw in the past my energy levels improved tremendously, I lost weight, became happier, and healthier. I can't say it lasted long however. There are a few reasons, but mainly it was because once I let myself go and started to smoke/drink again, my eating habits automatically became worse as a result.
A raw-vegan diet means; no meat, dairy, processed or cooked food. My diet will consist mostly of; veggies, leafy greens, fruit, nuts, seeds, herbs and sprouts.

I can't wait to start this physical and emotional journey to a healthier, happier me. And throughout it I will be sharing my journal, photos, recipes, and tips. Spring is the most perfect time to start a new diet or detox. I encourage you all to try this with me if you're not already raw or clean of alcohol/nicotine.

Much love,

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