October 3, 2010

cranberry cream cheese wontons

this weekend was a very relaxed one. i had two of my girlfriends over at my place for drinks. they slept over both friday and saturday night. yesterday, my girl ciren and i made delicious cranberry cream cheese wontons, they were great - and i'm craving more.
1 package cream cheese/8 ounces
1 cup of cranberries 
1 tablespoon milk
1 package wonton wrappers
1 egg white
oil for frying
sweet and sour sauce for dipping (optional)
in a blender, mix cranberries and milk until (mostly) blended.
next, you will add the cream cheese. to make it mix well, i heated the cream cheese for 45 seconds in the microwave before adding it to the milk/cranberry mix.
blend again.
once the mixture is a nice pink color you can then start your wonton factory. follow the directions on the back of the wonton wrapper's package on how to fold them. you'll need an egg white as kind of a 'food adhesive.'
after making the wontons, you'll simply need to add the oil of your choice to a pot and fry them up - be careful, hot oil is dangerous!

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