November 4, 2010

halloween weekend

wow! halloween weekend was an absolute blast! i haven't had such a perfect weekend in awhile. you know... someone or something stupid always has to mess things up, but not in this case - besides a few pointless drunk fights my friends got into. no worries, it was nothing physical. anyway, even though it was a blur i'll tell you about a few highlights. on thursday i tried 'four loko' for the first time. i first heard about it on a news story - after reading/seeing that i just had to buy it! the taste took some getting used to, they didn't have the flavor i wanted so i had to go with the raspberry. it was verrrry tart and definitely held that 'energy drink' zing. after half a can i felt buzzed, after 1 full can i was good, and after the 2nd, really good. i mainly love it because the caffeine helps avoid that sleepy drunk feeling. it's also only $2.50 a can!
i believe i drank more four loko on friday and just partied at a friend's place in uptown, and then made music videos... but that night is a blur. onto saturday - my girl jackie and i went to a 'blood rave,' she told me not to wear anything fancy because i'd get soaked. we sure did. they sprayed atleast 3 gallons on everyone while we were there. just yesterday i was cleaning out my ears and found fake blood dried in there! after awhile we got a little sick of getting fake blood in our eyes, so we dipped out to slam factory - which is always a blast. jackie had never been there before so i was super glad to be able to introduce her. we both ran into old friends, as well as made new ones. the music was fabulous, i never wanted to leave the speakers! i stayed until sunrise, poor jackie had car troubles and went home. my closest girlfriends monika and ciren after partied until the next night! we all had no idea that it was 9pm halloween night. wooftaa. so i called my other close girlfriend, cassie, and we went over there to continue our partying. by midnight i was bored and tired, left, and crashed into bed. it's really too bad that my party camera is gone, or else i'm sure there would be more photos to share. just proof-reading this made me realize you really just had to have been there to experience the fun! i love my friends, and i love minneapolis (sometimes.) i hope you all had just as fabulous of a weekend. soon i'll be posting about the new panini press i got. much love! chow!


  1. i had so much fun with you! i can't wait to do it again, except next time i won't be tired and i won't have my car.

    and for the record, i had car troubles on halloween night, sunday! my sister drained the battery. bitch. jk.

  2. oh woah! i had no idea. that makes more sense though, if it would've been the night i had left you at your car i assume you would have came back for help!

    but yes, i can't wait for next time!