September 13, 2010

last weekend i got to meet a gorgeous and fun lady. we did a shot of patron and ate sushi. it was about time, i had to have been craving sushi for over a month! i love girls that are so stunningly beautiful, and have the personality to match. that's something you don't find often. anway, it's monday and i got three packages in the mail; a shirt from forever 21, a raw food 'uncooked' book, and the movie 'dead alive.' i was going to do a tutorial for you guys tonight, (that you're all going to LOVE) but that is going to have to wait since i don't have all the materials needed. however, please stay tuned, it'll be posted by the end of this week. my promise.

on another note, what has been up with the moods of people lately? it seems as if everyone's either highly depressed, have a stick up their asses, or just questioning life and 'aging.' that is one trait about myself i dislike, feeling other's tension. i can't stand to put myself around people in bad moods, but yet am compassionate, so decide to try and help them. it's getting to the point where i just want to shake everyone really hard and scream in their faces, "YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE SAD, OR BE A DICK! LIFE ISN'T THAT HARD!" however, that probably wouldn't do much, so i'm just going to dump a bunch of friends, i'm sorry, and it was fun while it lasted. is it seasonal depression? mercury retrograde? whatever it is, i just wish it'd stop...

because life is beautiful and worth living!

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