September 15, 2010

i don't need you!

today i decided to quit smoking cigarettes. i've been smoking for five years now. when i first started i always told myself and others that i could quit whenever i wanted. i just never tried. well here i am, the end of day one, and i've only had two intense cravings, not so bad eh? a few times i caught myself reaching for the place i usually stash them, just out of habit, even though there are no smokes! i found that amusing. my brain is literally trained to puff, i guess!
this has been a good week for me. not only have i given up a very unhealthy habit, i'm getting a few tattoos removed that have made me shame my body for years. the tattoo on my chest will be the first one to go. whoever thought winter would be the time for big changes? i didn't, atleast not for me.

wish me luck.

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