August 23, 2010

a calm, yet fun weekend :

friday night oni and i met to start brainstorming ideas for the erotic comics, all of our ideas were fabulous, and alison took part in the story plotting as well. i'm pretty sure these comics are going to surprise you all, unless you know me well... and my sick fetish for obscene things. the night ended with a really dramatic/pointless phone call, and a BBC. saturday was a very asian evening. the cutest couple in the world, alison and oni, along with myself, made wontons and watched a japanese horror film called 'suicide club.' the movie made me say "what the fuck" multiple times and is now on my wishlist to purchase.

wonton factory:
alison and oni:

i'm very glad to have met these two. they have their shit straight and are very inspiring, as well as a good influence on me. most of my friends i cannot say that about. i love you alison and oni! xoxo.

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