January 18, 2011

Life Update

Hey lovers! It's Tuesday afternoon and I am just now fully recovered from an insane weekend. Saturday night was pretty relaxed, however Sunday is a night I'll never forget (from what I remember). I got to see both male and female strippers in action for the first time in celebration of my girl's birthday. It was wild, my jaw was dropped the ENTIRE time. It's not like I've never seen a naked man before, but the stuff they were doing... was shocking, to say the absolute least.

Today I took the time to pamper myself, there is a great deal going on at the nail salon near my house - 20$ pedicures, yum!

Afterwards I finally got a consult for my chest tattoo, if you've been following my blog for a few months you know that I've been wanting it removed for quite some time. My first appointment is this upcoming Thursday. Each session is going to cost 75$ and take about 10/15 minutes. Which is not bad considering that other places can charge up to 200$ a session. In between each session I have to allow 4-8 weeks healing time. The longer you wait in between sessions, the better the tattoo will come out. Luckily I'm a very patient person. Wish me luck!

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