January 20, 2011

Laser Tattoo Removal (First session)

Wooofta, that was probably the most painful 2 minutes of my life! I covered a lot about tattoo removal in my second to last post. So I'll just go ahead and tell you about my first session. People aren't lying when they say it feels like getting hot grease splashed on you over and over again. That explanation nails it. Or I mean, you could just explain it for what it really is... putting a LASER to your skin. I'm glad I decided to go to Northeast Tattoo in Minneapolis. Alex (the owner, I believe) is the one doing my tattoo removal. He's very professional and comforting. His prices are also the best I've seen (for tattoo removal). He says you see the most results after the 2nd and 3rd session. There will be before and after photos to come.