January 25, 2011

Inside My Purse

Today I am bringing you inside of my purse. All of these items are must-haves for an average day of going out, seeing friends, or running errands - depending on the day and where I'm going of course. If it's the weekend I'll throw in a little flask of whiskey and more makeup. If I'm going to work (Lifeguarding) I switch and put all of my necessities from my purse into my pink Under Armor gym bag and add; extra clothes, a towel, my Red Cross book, lotion, a whistle, etc.

For some reason I feel like men are terrified of a girl's purse. A memory of me asking someone to grab something from inside my purse and him saying, "no, you do it," comes to mind. I'm not going to claim to be every girl, but I am pretty sure we all like to keep the same stuff with us. Dear men, don't be scared! A purse is just a pocket to us. However can be quite valuable, depending on the girl.

Now let's take a look, shall we?

Here's my current purse, Kathy Van Zeeland. I got it for 40$ at Marshalls.

Uh oh... 

Alright, here we are! Nothing special right? I laid everything out so I can try to tell you in order what I have, what I use it for, why I love and NEED to carry it on me at all times. Let's begin!

Starting from the left I have my makeup, wallet, and electronics...

Makeup... (left to right) 
Make Up For Ever's HD Liquid Foundation. 40$ and totally worth every penny. It's a moisturizing medium-full coverage foundation with benefits such as making your skin look beautiful in photos.
LashGrip Eyelash Adhesive. I am a huge fan of false eyelashes, and have been for years now. This is a 5$ product that I get from Sally Beauty Supply. I carry it on me just incase a lash starts to come off, which rarely happens - better safe than sorry though, right?
Maybelline Nude Lip Pencil in Toast. I'm not sure how much this was, but I always try to wear a lip liner to give my lips that extra juicy look.
Revlon Luscious Lip Gloss in Peach Petal. This is a non-sticky lip gloss that I put over my lip liner and lipstick to accomplish a pink nude lip. Love it.
Orglamix Mineral Powder Foundation in Butternut. I have mentioned Orglamix Mineral Makeup in other posts. It's the only powder I use. I always bring this with me because I tend to get very oily skin, even in the winter.
MAC Lipstick in Creme D'Nude. This is actually the first MAC lipstick that I've ever owned. It's very moisturizing and long-lasting. I absolutely love this color too.
Crown Brush Powder Brush. To apply my Orglamix Mineral Powder.
And lastly for makeup, a mirror that I got from Sally Beauty Supply. Got to make sure my makeup is always on point!

Wallet and Electronics...
I am so glad that I'm actually putting my Bad Mother Fucker wallet to use. If you're curious as to why I have a wallet that says such a thing, don't get me wrong I am totally a BMF but the wallet came from the movie Pulp Fiction. I got my dad one as well for Christmas.
Flip Video Camera. I love this thing, even though I don't put it to use as much as I would like. I think everyone should invest in one. It's about 150$ and plugs right into your computer for fast uploading.
Phone and charger. I will just say that I sometimes wish I didn't have one. For some reason people LOVE bothering me while I'm sleeping with pointless texts and calls...

Spare Change. Yes I am the type that has to have exact change.
Deodorant. Gotta stay fresh! I've been looking to purchase a new all-natural deodorant. If anyone could suggest any that'd be much appreciated!
Facial Moisturizer. I'm obsessed with facial moisturizing. Actually, that could be why my skin is always so damn oily! The one I like to keep with me is Dress Green's coffee moisturizer. It does the job and is travel size.

Well, those are the contents of my purse. Even though it probably wasn't as exciting as you all were hoping for, I hope you feel like you know me a little bit better now, haha! Ciao. Xoxo.


  1. Try Tom's Long Lasting Deodorant. It's all natural and runs about 3-4 bucks. I like the Lavender scent, but there are a couple other options as well. It's awesome.

  2. omg i love your wallet i want one haha. i love kathy von zealand. i bought a nice wallet from her for 30 bucks original was 80!

  3. Men don't fear the contents, they fear the hunt involved in trying to find something in those black holes known as a woman's purse. Too much shit, too unorganized, and WAY too many pockets.

  4. I've seen some crazy unorganized purses before. You're totally right. I think it also has to do with their mothers never allowing them inside their purses too. I try my best at keeping mine clean/organized. :)

  5. I second anything Tom's as far as deodorant goes. That's what the boyfriend uses and it's pretty decent. I use his if I can't find mine.

  6. Sweet! I will definitely check Tom's out. :)