January 10, 2011

Ice Cube

Hello followers! It's been a great monday so far, so I decided to tell you about it quickly. My mother and I started our day by going shopping... thrifting to be exact - Which was quite unsuccessful, however we did find a very nice curling iron. :)

We then went to Down In The Valley... to pick up... Ice Cube tickets! Yay! He's coming to Minneapolis for a show on March 15th. I couldn't be more stoked. I had no idea who I'd invite, none of my friends are into old school rap like I am... besides the man who introduced me to it - My father! He was very eager when I told him we were going. I'm really excited to get him out of the house.

Tonight I'll be spending time with my two close girlfriends, Finesse and Julia. Julia attends college in a different state and is going back tuesday. I miss her again already!


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  2. I tried, I must have messed up the e-mail address. Can I have it again? Or you can just e-mail me at disko7@yahoo.com