October 22, 2010


hi all! this past month hasn't been too productive. i've been spending time with friends and being sickly. i know, not a smart combo. however, this weekend, i'm saying NO and just staying inside to rest. it's much needed. this morning i woke up with a numb face/tongue. it was very scary. i'm hoping i don't have brain damage... since i did hit my head really hard on wednesday. who knows, i know that i overreact. but i take my health very seriously! if only i had the motivation to go to the doctor. anyway, this week i'm going to be healing and hopefully posting some yummy recipes. i was going to make goulash for my grandparents tonight but that is going to have to wait. who wants a sick girl to prepare dinner? my snot would be dripping into your food, ok gross! alrighty, i just wanted to catch up. much love! xoxox.

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