September 20, 2010

life is good :

it's now day 6 without a cigarette. i couldn't be more proud of myself. my strong willpower is a trait i really love. on saturday night i got ridiculously goofy drunk with my friends alison and oni. they both like to smoke a ton and i still did not cave. that was really something, since smoking while intoxicated is the best. we played strip slapjack, had a cuddle train, i threatened to set oni's "motherfuckin teepee on fire," we witnessed a wife beater get sent to jail, and i saw oni's ghost. it's not all that rare for me to see strange paranormal shit. it happens more often then i'd like. when we awoke sunday we went all the way to edina to get superman ice cream. i hadn't had it in years. i was very excited. and it was just as delicious as i remember it being.

today has been really good to me, my grandpa purchased me a new laptop. it's a brand new HP. i'm enjoying it so far, however i still need to get used to this new keyboard. i'm also not the biggest fan of windows 7. it was kind of a 'thank you for not smoking' gift. i can't explain to you how great it feels, not smoking, that is. i feel like a whole new person! anyway. tonight i'm just going to be watching movies (gummo and irreversible) and getting started with some jewelry. big kisses.

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