September 27, 2010

how i stay healthy and happy :

hey y'all! recently i've been getting a lot of questions about my skin and how i stay in such a good mood. i thought i'd make a little post explaining. every morning when i wake up i take fish oil, 5-htp, and women's one a day (vitamins.) fish oil helps with so much, such has: depression, acne, weight loss, heart problems, and so much more. i take 5-htp to help with my mood, it is a 'drug-free plant-derived source of an amino acid that naturally increases the body's level of serotonin.' learn more about 5-htp here.
aside from these vitamins and supplements, i eat healthy and exercise. it's so easy, and very effective. i do intense cardio three times a week, and yoga every day of the week. and as of lately, i've been trying to hold back on drinking alcohol. i quit smoking cigarettes, so i think liquor is my next main focus, for it also makes you age prematurely and gain weight.
as for skin, and cleansing it, i use neutrogena's fresh foaming cleanser seven days a week, claudia stevens micro derm exfoliator three times a week. and claudia stevens equatone eye area toning cream seven days a week, sometimes three times a day. i'm a freak about my skin. i absolutely love washing it, sometimes too much!
and lastly, makeup, and what kind of coverup i use - l'oreal true match liquid foundation, in shade n2 (yes i'm pale!) this stuff is the best, it gives me full breathable coverage, and does not dent my wallet.

i hope this information helped some of you! now go do some yoga and eat some veggies! (broccoli and corn are my personal favorites.) xoxo.

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