July 24, 2010

psychos, go home.

plunder fest was a complete failure. i got about five joyful hours in of plundering before everything went to shit. firstly, it started storming badly, and our entire tent became flooded. then, a girl i thought was good for my ex fiance had to become very psychotic/jealous and start to scream at me, along with shoving and kicking. i held my anger in and just took it all, because being the bigger person counts. especially when she is a twenty five year old harassing a innocent girl. she was very wasted and could not comprehend what was going on around her. she made false accusations that she believed completely, all that she accomplished was hurting herself and losing a very good friend. after all of the dramatic bullshit i decided to call my grandpops to pick me up and bring me home. the clothes on my skin were soaked and all i wanted was to be at home, warm, and snuggled with my pup. i am very thankful that i did not pay for my ticket, or make a huge effort to even attend this event.


  1. I had an awesome, drama free time at Plunder. Too bad you did have the same.

  2. yes, it was quite a bummer. especially because the drama was over some creative imagination of a girl. it's all good though... our tent was soaked, i did not have a place to sleep even if i wanted to stay.

    it was such a tease... i really wanted to go camping... and this shit happened. hopefully i can plan another trip soon!