July 13, 2010

everyone has them...

pet peeve: a particular and often continual annoyance.
my number one pet peeve: when people mistake 'you're' and 'your.'
runner up pet peeves: when my puppy sneezes in the morning, as a way to let me she needs to go outside. band-aids that rip off a layer of your skin. taking clothes out of the washer to put into the dyer when they are really tangled.

share yours in the comment section below.


  1. #1, Platinum blonde girls who tag themselves in their profile photos in which half of them are in bikinis jumping into some random pool while doing the "duck face". (http://antiduckface.com/)


  2. hahaha, i never knew people called that face expression 'duck face.' love it!

  3. Nor did I till I saw that site...I still have to go through all the photos I have and send my friends duck faces to that site. But then I'd link them to antiduckface. Hope thats not to cruel....

  4. i just sent them some. mwahaha. i have a few photos of me making that face, sad news.