July 6, 2010

no matter how gloomy the day, there is one thing that can always put a smile on my face... elderly couples in matching coats.

what cheers you up when feeling low?


  1. I'd have to say an unexpected event. A call, a date to coffee, tea, anything that is not scheduled to happen on those days. A gloomy day can put you in a timeless void, but when a surprise happens, everything changes.

  2. that was a fabulous answer. thanks for responding! i agree completely.

  3. Speaking of gloomy days...I love seeing people in bogus ass rain boots that look like they were 7. Even though they are hideous as F it always brings me up because I am surprised by the courage 20 y/o's have leaving the house with plaid hello kitty rubber things on their feet. =D

  4. Basil Ginger Ice tea, mmm. And a stiff drink.

    -KLOL (Kid laughing out loud)

    Gonna be my new acronym to hate against M.E.L.

  5. that's funny you speak of rain boots. i was just looking for some online. nothing snazzy, just black ones. but either way, i have the same opinion on the cheesy cartoon character ones.