July 17, 2010

pus, eyebrows, and piercings.

just because i am a high maintenance girl, does not mean that i dislike talking about severe injuries, or always having some. my staph infection finally started leaking out pus, yes... PUS. creamy, light green, with a dash of blood PUS. this is very good news y'all. the anti-biotics are fighting the infection so i wont have to go under the knife again.
on a non medical note, tomorrow i will be purchasing the 'refectocil eyebrow tint.' i have read great reviews and watched a few tutorials on how to apply the dye. it's easy, and the tube of dye lasts you for a very long time. it's time to prove to you all that i really do have eyebrows! if you know me personally, this is huge news. i am very sincere towards eyebrows.

 after my snazzy new eyebrows, i just might get some cute piercings to go along with them. a small rhinestone medusa and nose hoop. 

much love.

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