July 20, 2010

to meet the devil himself :

this story was written by me three years ago, for a class i took in school. enjoy.

it all started last summer. when my boyfriend ben, and i were at a party in hopkins, relaxing on a porch. we were mostly trying to keep to ourselves and close friends. we knew about the bad folk that attended these kind of events. we saw him from afar. it was a hard sight to see because of the darkness. however, as the man got closer we saw he was fully dressed in black, also wearing a top hat, and a ridiculously long go-tee. we didn't think anything of it, but our guts could feel it. we literally felt the evil making it's way into the house. ben and i looked at him and gave him our regards. but as soon as he entered the house and turned his back on us, ben and i gave each other the most frightened looks. we both knew damn well he was bad folk.

we stepped inside the house to get a closer look at him. as soon as we took about five steps inside the house, things around us were getting more and more vivid. things were getting more surreal. everything was warping. of i remember correctly, i thought i was in a dream. "this could not be happening." i said. "not here, not now." once we reached the living room i focused on the visuals. objects were moaning and dancing around me. i then paused my excitement to focus on the man dressed in black. laying on the ground. with his face implanted on a mirror filled with a mysterious white powder, we know as cocaine, or rather; the devil's contract.

as we stood above him, watching him snort that soul-taking substance, i could feel the urge inside of me. whatever he was trying to do was working. my gut wasn't agreeing with me, but my mind that was whoever knows where, was.

i turned to my boyfriend and told him, "that's the devil."

his eyes got larger as those words slowly dripped out of my mouth. i knew that he heard me once he gazed back at ben and i. we then, casually drifted away for a cigarette, a camel turkish royal to be exact. nobody but the devil himself followed. ben and i not even realizing he was behind us till we turned to sit.

"hello there, i am nick." he said. "are you friends of noah?"

my boyfriend replied, "indeed we are, i am ben, and this is my girlfriend mallory. it's nice to meet you too."

i sat there not saying a word, i would smile now and then during their small talk but i knew what he was up to.

"would you like to indulge on a sixth sense i like to call _____?" said nick.

ben and i replied, "of course." to be quite honest the intimidation since we first saw him appear out of the shadows made us eager to get to know this guy. he then brought us inside to the bathroom and told us to look at the light fixture and tell him how we felt.

"i feel warm." i said.

"good! let's continue." replied nick.

he then brought us outside into a dark corner and asked us again how we felt.

as ben shivered he said, "i feel frigid."

he explained to us how the temperatures inside and out were the complete same. if anything it was hotter outside than it was inside. he flipped my boyfriend his number and returned back inside to do his dirty work. we were confused, and didn't know what to think about that encounter. when we left the party not too long after that, our odd visuals came to a stop. we went home, and went to sleep.

the next day we were curious to find out more about this man. he is a twenty year old man who drove a car with a christian fish on the back of it. it's there to mess with our minds. he's a drug dealer and ex teacher's assistant, he lost his gig for selling his contract to students.

we partied with him more and more after that abnormal experience. and my boyfriend and i kept getting symptoms of dream-like visions. each of them getting weirder as time went on. ben and i are huge fans of black-light painting. we thought that it would be a good time to invite him over to paint. he accepted the offer and was very excited. he brought over a huge canvas, some orange juice, and some CDs. we set up the music and canvas to paint. the music was strange, especially when you're in the state of mind the devil puts you in... i was floating on music currents that were shaky. sometimes wavy. but mostly with a lot of madness.

as we started to paint, the room filled up with heat. not heat from a summer day. but heat radiating off the devil himself. ben was the one sitting closest to the devil. sweat was pouring off of him. we painted for hours on end. never wanting to quit. the experience was way too good. the painting that lucifer was doing seemed to be pulling us in. he was painting a portal, which might have been why we were losing our gravitational force.

nearly losing our minds i smoked a cigarette and tried to get a grasp on things. as i stood up, everything started to look like a static TV screen. every step i took the visual got worse. everything turned black and i fainted. ben ran towards me.

"wake up! wake up! are you okay?" he said.

"________________..." i tried responding.

i could hear him but my body was motionless. my lips were moving but i wasn't saying anything. my body as cold as ice, my skin as white as this paper i'm writing on. i thought i was dying. i felt completely numb from the top of my head all the way down to the tips of my toes. i finally got up and tried walking. i was in fact walking but in my mind, i was floating.i felt like i was above ground. the carpet was blue due to the black-lights. the blue carpet turned into clouds. i wasn't sure what was going on. i wasn't sure who i was walking with, or if i was even walking with anyone. my thoughts were pretty simple; i didn't have many. i suddenly got raised into the air about four feet. i was in someone's arms, and got placed into bed. my night ended there.

we still see the devil himself till this day, and whenever we do something terrible happens afterward. we rarely talk about that night, but will always have something to remind us of it. the painting that will literally scare you. even thought i have never signed the devil's contract, i have seen him write it out in mid air. the devil has transformed over time. no longer wearing all black, with a long go-tee.

never sign the devil's contract. his contract is not a cookie, unless it's laced with about a gram or two of cocaine. his 'cookie' is a white powder that can take your soul, ruin your life, and throw you down a bottomless pit filled with drug-dealers aka his demons/attorneys, miscellaneous drug users, and innocent people not knowing where the powder takes you. but they snort it anyway, not knowing that they will spend an eternity in hell.


  1. i just realized that there are quite a few misspelled words. sorry about that, i typed this exactly from the rough draft i found.

  2. This "tale" definitely fortifies the notion that age is merely a number, indeed. It'd be naive to think otherwise. But I did think the last paragraph was unnecessary, even though I get that you were merely transcribing a rough draft to your blog. Either way, it'd make an excellent short film and would definitely make readers/viewers think.

    Did you write this while at SAGE?

  3. thanks for your feedback. and yes, this was written at SAGE.

  4. Interesting ready lady....just cus this sparked my mind to something else - Devil's eyes (foamo remix) I assume you like EDM, who doesnt ?!


    Free d/l too !

  5. i actually haven't heard of EDM before. i'll check out that link though, thanks!

  6. There is only one way to find hell, and that is to be so lost that direction, destination and even sense of self have been lost. When you have reached that point where you arre really quite backwards, completely lost, and yet knowing exactly where you are, you may get the chance to meet satan. He is an odd character with a cunning smile. One of those smiles that speaks more than words. It says he knows something, he's up to something, he has a mischievious grin glistening with large yellow teeth. His face covered in scars down to his goatee. There is no mistaking him for human.

    He wore all black, on that day I met lucifer. He spoke words that fell into riddles. Every sentence he spoke contradicted the last. If you werent clever enough you might accidently give away your soul, that is if you haven't already. He was a dealer, exchanging satisfaction for an eternity with your soul. His profound complexity would make you to believe him your friend, for every other sentence he spoke was a gesture of kindness or show of great power that he seems so generously to lend. But it is in between the sentences that you must look, see the true face of the underworld, how cunning it can be.

    It is not so much frightening to see the devil as it is to see humanity and yourself in him. He may at times move like your father, or brother, his words and ideas may start sounding like your own. He had not put those ideas in your head, they were your own. It was the corrupted mind we shared. I say we in speaking of mankind.

  7. i'm glad you replied ben! i don't think i ever did show you this story.

  8. EDM = electronic dance music. You sure have heard of it !! Its just the term to generalize all electronic lady

  9. oh whoops, never have heard of that term before either. hahaha.

  10. Lets just agree that acronyms suck.

  11. what are some of your favorite pornos?