May 22, 2010

trying to stay on track.

• create greeting cards.
• finish three plushies by june 12th.
• draw website layout. 
• paint, paint, paint. -MCAD portfolio.
• collect/gather heels.
• get summer clothes - thrifting.
• take a trip to the dollar store and axeman for art supplies.
• get shot by a few different photographers. 
• catch a tan and lose weight.
• get multi-colored synthetic dreads 30 dollars + dye roots.
• t-shirts.
• quote book, singles book, art/table book, and pick-up line book.
• ebay store.
• new business cards.
• buttons and stickers.
• make video log intro.


  1. Kill yourself.

  2. i'm sorry, but i have too much to live for.

  3. i second that, go die.

  4. Do you need any graphic design help?

  5. Turboslut t-shirts & buttons? are you planning on having ppl actually buy your shit? not only that & actually WEAR it??

  6. yep! at first i thought the same thing. but it turns out i have about twenty five people already written down for one. and they did say they would rock it. obnoxious tshirts are in these days. where have you been?