March 2, 2010

heart broken men

it was recently brought to my attention how heart broken a lot of men are. a lot of people believe girls' are the ones who get sore after the relationship. however i think when it's the other way around it can almost be worse. especially if the man holds an ego to be 'strong.' this has made it hard for me to build any sort of relationship with the past few men of interest. i don't mind that they are not over it. however i wish i could help them in some way. i truly feel bad... almost guilty...

"One can not truly experience the beauty of love without enduring the pain that comes with it once it is lost."


  1. I think you do feel guilt - you know you have broken something and should repair the damage.
    All people in life reject and get rejected so you should never apologize or be apologized too for rejection. all people realize they sometimes don't make the cut, but rejecting is different from breaking or damaging. I don't think you need to get back together with any man that wasn't right for you, but if you feel you have left them broken you should do something for them to repair the damage you did. (they don't have to know it was you) -
    if your confused watch a season of "my name is earl" and be accountable for your actions. your soul will feel better :)

  2. you have no idea what you are talking about... this wasn't a personal post. it was just something i've been noticing in men lately. nothing to do with myself or any 'personal damage.'

  3. i really like the quote thats perfect.

  4. Get your cock OUT and put your feelings AWAY.. haha